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Guardians of the Realm Elite is a guild from . Here you will find information about GoRE, Dark Grimoire, and events.
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 Events in Valorn

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PostSubject: Events in Valorn   Events in Valorn Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2015 3:23 pm

Here Gore keeps records of events that happen in the lands.
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PostSubject: Re: Events in Valorn   Events in Valorn Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2015 5:43 pm

in a skilled scripted hand lingers some word with pictures of what could be zombie heads. There are several happenings on this sheet.

Event one: Portal to the nexus found under Branishor. Rogue Kade Fallingstar stole goods from the nexus thus leading to his incarceration and questioning. The arch mage used a book of shadows to guide all professions through the dark corridors leading to the end where the portal lay waiting. The Archmage used a spell of which "Drakyn*I bind thee." Shattering said portal. The Queen was taking via visions. She saw death gore an altar and darkness. What she told.

Event two:
Carisa and Arenso depart Branishor after a ruthless raid. A dark fire blocks passage in to the eastern mountains. Set by a few adventurers in the attempt to clean up after the attack. There is no word on how long the cleansing or clean up will be see event three to understand why

Event Three: Seals on the door in the throne room

One seal remains on the door as dark seal breakers have managed to destroy all but one. The sword of valorn painted in red on said door; that shows signs of heavy blows. As if to mock the Queen and adventurers See foot note number 2)

Event four
Strange happenings and sightings of guardians

All five colors of guardian (gold red green brown and blue) Have been sighted on Altitan near the doors singing. No one is sure what to make of this.
Adding on later...

Five guardians reappeared on the ledge on Altitan those who attacked them came down with the curse of the guardian. Not long after Dark tendrils and an infested iron knight attacked them. One guardian got so mad he punched half the corrupt knights head off. There was also five blue guardians on dundee beach near the cracked life monument but with an even more rare thing. An ocean blue guardian was seen. Sadly none of the guardians survived. Look at the life monument and the gorge below. There was also an attack on five guardians as well. There is a difference in the shard scatterings on the ground

Event Five
If one is to visit Altitan take one step west to view the doors. There is now a Liaison waiting to speak with the Queen. Not the north of the doors is a cracked Statue and the south is another. I recommend looking closely at these two statues ad If you are in need of assistance understanding feel free to contact me and I will explain it to you easily.

Footer 1: I wasnt sure of the spelling as it has been a while since I saw the spelling.
Footer 2: High Queen Cordelia was kidnapped by Balthazar and the Sword of Valorn was used to repeatedly cut in to her torturing her. She no longer has possession of the Sword of Valorn

((Any questions please contact Rhileigh))

The scroll Is signed with a eloborate R
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Events in Valorn
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